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Dancing MJ
20 most recent entries

Date:2008-09-10 22:56

Okay, I'm desparate.
I think i may become ob doc.
Don't like clinic work. Don't mean patients, but I mean I don't like to write notes after notes and papers after papers.... may be I should just become a surgeon and bury my soul in hospital.

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Date:2008-01-19 23:20

sleepy is here with me
i logged on for the first time in several months.
starting to study for step 1...
i wish i can fast forward 15yrs.

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Date:2007-07-31 18:05

happy belated b day.
i'm still in training.

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Date:2007-05-07 23:59

DORKS!!!!! love them Missedthem

Got a guitar today (classic)

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Date:2006-10-27 22:26

32 push ups, 80 sit ups, 17:40 2 mile run.
yup i passed the pft.

will update more later~

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Date:2006-09-07 00:44

29push ups 68 sit ups 2 mi run

parasympathetic ganglion where are ya?
eh? smooth muscle? CT?
Nerve and CT?

After hours of looking at the microscope, i'm not normal

Thinking about buying macbook 13
Hey they do read ppt and such right?
$100 Student discount
so 1g ram?
3 year warranty??

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Date:2006-08-31 22:50

Happy delayed b day katana~!!
Getting old is a fun thing, isn't it? one more candle on your cake~!!! More breath support needed~

60 sit ups 23 push ups 2.4mi run

Past couple of days, I have been busy writing a paper. It's supposed to be a short one (1500words), but somehow mine turned out to be 3000 words... Spent quite a time in shortening the paper to 2000 words..

Man the guys know how to cook. This guy made potstickers from the scratch. very impressed.

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Date:2006-07-30 13:08

Sunday. No idea where nearby church is without paying 20+ taxi fare, I decided to do personal quiet time.

No working out for today... I should give myself some rest....


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sleepcat_00
You are getting older and older~~~~

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Date:2006-07-12 21:14
Mood: blah

This is jus recap of what happened since sunday.

SundayCollapse )
MondayCollapse )
TuesdayCollapse )
WednesdayCollapse )

Just now....
A phone call from this missionary and his wife. They will be staying over Thurs till Fri noon. Guess who have to pick and take them from and to the airport. ME!

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Date:2006-07-08 23:46
Mood: mesmerized

I am back safe and sound, and let me tell you. It was one of the trips that I would never forget.
pricelessCollapse )
If you don't know, it's better to keep quietCollapse )

Then on Friday, I got to meet Bchang, Tvo, and sleepy. We went to the Coit tower, Golden gate bridge, fisherman's wharf, and Ghiradelli. It was so much fun. I bought some postcards and chocolate bars... I think I won't be elaborating on the details for now though.

And today, I got home. After lunch, took a 5 hour long nap... By the way, those j-fangirls were on my flight............................... (there wass a connecting flight to Japan, and I guess they were taking it.)

THis whole week was just amazing being with Zelda following around Hyde and going around SF area. Sleepy and Zelda must be sick of me by now. hehehehe

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Date:2006-07-03 01:25

Hyde rocks!!!!

That's all folks. Time to go to bed for tomorrow.


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Date:2006-06-21 23:37

Random ramblings

These days, I'm exhausted. Training people is not that fun, and wrapping up the things I've been doing isn't fun either. In anycase, things are going.

I think I would need to wear knee protector to work or something. I have been bumping into things that my knees are bruised... My right knee looks blue and purple...

I need to catch up on fangirling.... Kime's b day has passed, and I didn't even fangirl about that.

I feel the need to excersize... But once again, my laziness won over my motivation. eh...

I hate when people assume things as they want. I especially hate it when they assume things about me. They don't know anything about me.

So many friends from NYC are married... I feel so old.

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Date:2006-06-14 00:58

happy birthday, my dear friend, zelda_zero
I will see you soon....

Isn't getting old fun???

i thought it was still the 13th, but it no longer is... I should've updated before doing the paperworks.... sorry for the belated wish..

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Date:2006-03-05 20:45

my compy is going nuts~!!! Whenever I use IE more than 5 min it shuts down. So I'm just writing this to let you know that I am alive~~!
Thank you ZELDA~~~ you made my day~!!!!!!! loved all the pink lovies..

Bonzaineko... you may get something from me soon. It's going to get there earlier than I thought because I didn't think of the priority mail option before packaging it.

All the loves to you..

Couldn't really check any of your entries past week... will catch up after I format this compy of mine.

So probably by this weekend???

I hate doing the tax...

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Date:2006-02-16 23:22

you all made my birthday~~ Thanks for the b day wishes~~` There were some pleasant surprises little here and there. It was nice to hear some of your voices (even through voice message)///
You guys rock.~
This weekend i will be off to a camp, starting tomorrow. Right now, i'm preparing teaching/game materials for it.... Have to drive up, also..
I need more time on my hand.
Will catch up with your journals after i'm back ...

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Date:2006-01-29 14:54

I'm so tired. So sleepy. Was not fun driving back from church because i had to go through chinatown... and so much traffic. Forgot that today was lunar new year. I'm at home all by myself because my parents went to Georgia to see my brother finishing off academic training. They (including my brother) will be back sometime in between midnight and 2am.

Working is fun. Since now only 2 of us are full time, and one person only works on tues-thurs, things are busy busy.... I mean the busiest days are monday, thursday, and friday... On top of that, the girl who used to type the dictated reports are only working part time (because she started to go to school), more work for me~~. Not so stressful, but yeah.. have lots of work.

going to take some nap now... heheeh

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Date:2006-01-24 20:22

OH MY I LOVE LoVE LOVE LoVE Integral~~~ and ALUCARD~~~
Ceres seems a bit better than the anime series... but...

oh my Hellsing...

I feel so giddy~~~~~~

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Date:2006-01-15 19:37

I'm alive and partly well.
Sleepcat... I got your message like 2 days ago... I totally missed that voice message.
The internet is giving me troubles these days. It's annoying that at one point,everything is really fast, and then at another point, everything doesn't work.
Anyways, got a new pair of earphones for my ipod (not the one from apple though... I have to say, sony makes a better pair than apple...). heheheeh happy happy

So today, the mother of the girl I used to tutor calls me and says she wants me back. I told her that I will give her daughter 1 week to go over everything that I gave her and to give any questions with math through e mail. I told her I may reconsider if she shows her effort... I doubt that that girl will actually try. In anycase, her mother will call me next week again.

And let's see... The doctor is telling me to specialize in radiology. If I do, then he says he will give the office to me with all the connections and all. Pretty interesting offer, but I don't think I would become a radiologist.

oooooooo tuti... and who is this guy?

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Date:2006-01-01 11:54

It seems like it has been a while since i've logged on (although I logged on today around 2am to say happy new year). Last year was good, and I was thrilled for the past week due to various things, but these three things tops the most: PS2 (I know it's kind of late, but it's really nice of my brother to get me the system :) ) and 85% dark chocolate.... (I didn't try it, but I bet I will love it... missed good dark chocolate sooo much :D).
I'm looking forward for this year... I wonder what will happen.

Things that I hope to accomplish this year (not in particular order)
- visit japan sometime in summer... (if not, Germany for WorldCup2006)
- Quit tutoring. (I really look forward to this... Hopefully this month).
- Finish the Bible... gah... hopefully i don't get stuck on the chornicles for 6months like i did last time....
- Study Japanse and pass the jpl test.
- Keep up with my obsession and stalking :D
- Keep in touch with you people, and be good in updating lj.

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Date:2006-01-01 01:59

happy new year~!!!!

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