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This is jus recap of what happened since sunday.

1) A senior in H.S going to college this year (born 88) proposed to me. ummmmmmmm(Then another student tells him that I said I would be only taking guys up to born in year 87. Then smiles and says he has a chance. These kids.....)
2) A teacher got pregnant, and another male teacher is going to Paraguay for his grandfather's illness. Now... I'm stuck with more classes to teach before I go to school.

1) changed my hard drive. Hey, my dvd drive is not working now.... Wait, it didn't work before either..... Gotta search for a new compy... was going to use this at least I get to school...
2) Stupid window activation. I type in the right key in, and the window says that I'm not. Called in the service, and finally it's activated.
3)Stupid postal service lost my package from school with all the housing and camp information. My camp is within 12 days, and I still haven't figured out the details. (And the admission building is in renovation right now. What a perfect timing)

1) Went to see why my car was recalled (due to a little computer programming thing). Now I have to take my car on Thurs morning.
2) I'm really scared of my mom's way of driving.... May be I shouldn't have let her drive my car.
3) Ate meat heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheheh
4) My mom wanted to go to this artwork showing session... We drove for 20 min. Then I heard my mom saying she didn't know the exact place... We came back.

1) Walked around the nearby park for 40 min.
2) came back and napped for 4 hours.
3) YAY Hammus!
4) My student (church) calls me and says he failed the driving test. I'm glad in a way because I really think he needs more practice.

Just now....
A phone call from this missionary and his wife. They will be staying over Thurs till Fri noon. Guess who have to pick and take them from and to the airport. ME!
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