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I am back safe and sound, and let me tell you. It was one of the trips that I would never forget.

Since Zelda gave really good accounts of the concerts, I wouldn't elaborate on it.
However, I have to say, Hyde really is an amazing performer. I just wonder how much energy he can give out with that tiny little body of his. On the last day of the tour, I wasn't feeling well (and I believe Zelda wasn't in her best condition either), but after the concert, I could definitely say that I didn't regret the wait and all the cramming.
The concert went pretty well, and it was nice the Filmore had ac on with good ventilation. Even after the opening act by Blacklist club (they are growing on me), it was a bit chilly. However when Hyde came to the stage, the madness. It was just awesome. I have to say though, it wasn't until the last song of the 2nd act (or you can say part of encore)that I got to be swept over by his energy. His last song was Unexpected, and he just rocked... I can't express enough with the words. All I can say is after that last song, I was loss of words. While other fans were screaming and reaching out their hands toward Hyde, I couldn't do anything but just savour the impact of the performance. I was even teary by it, so... I guess that says it.
I really really appreciate Hyde as an artist now. Of course I liked his music and appreciated his talent before the tour, but this performance really made me appreciate him in another level. The looks helps (as sleepy would say his 'smoldering gaze' definitely helps, too), but for me, his talent, energy, and charisma just took me over. What a great artist.
Kaz, Hiroki, Jin, and Furuto were great also. Kaz's hair is cool. Hiroki is way cute (not just the look). Couldn't see Furuto that well. Jin's mask scares me, but I can tell that he is really talented.

Ah, one really weird conversation that I had with this one girl waiting in the line for the restroom:
Girl: hey so how long have you been waiting on the line?
Me: Not that long ago. Perhaps around 5?
Girl: That late?
Me: Yeah, I know. But I think it would be okay for me (knowing that Zelda will be able to get in the front) since I went to all other concerts of this U.S. tour. Also I like his music that I would like to stand at a place where his gazing at (the artist usually don't gaze right underneath him).
Girl: Oh I see. So how long have you been a hydeist fan? Did you know him from L'arc?
Me: For a while now, and yes I have known him from L'arc.
Girl: So about 3-4 years ago?
Me: Nah, I've known Hyde since about 10 years ago when I was in J.H.
Girl: Oh from X- Jap...
Me: (looking really confused and cutting her off) X-Japan?(Don't tell me she said it... Man... wait she did say that. she is giving me that 'she knows everything 'look)
Uh... .No
From L'arc... They have been around quite a while now....
Girl: Oh I see.
Then she goes into the stall.

I told zelda this story and she reminded me of Hide of X Japan.... You know, the one who is ummmmm no longer in this earth? (at least his physical form is not. I don't want to argue those spiritualists...)It would have been much better if she didn't say that... If you are a fan or say that you are a fan, then know that those two are different people.

Then on Friday, I got to meet Bchang, Tvo, and sleepy. We went to the Coit tower, Golden gate bridge, fisherman's wharf, and Ghiradelli. It was so much fun. I bought some postcards and chocolate bars... I think I won't be elaborating on the details for now though.

And today, I got home. After lunch, took a 5 hour long nap... By the way, those j-fangirls were on my flight............................... (there wass a connecting flight to Japan, and I guess they were taking it.)

THis whole week was just amazing being with Zelda following around Hyde and going around SF area. Sleepy and Zelda must be sick of me by now. hehehehe
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